Locksmith Freedom

MA has no limitations on the Locksmithing Industry.

Our nation was established on opportunity. Be that as it may, permitting anybody to be responsible for the security of your business or family is simply going too far. In Massachusetts there are truly no limitations with regards to accreditation of a locksmith. They don't should be authorized, reinforced or even have the scarcest piece of information in the matter of how a lock functions! Simply put a number in the telephone directory and off they go... putting your business and family's prosperity in peril.

It is totally unbelievable that something so imperative, in this day and age, is not being considering important by anybody in or around Boston. Steps should be made by administrators and lawmakers alike to sift through the fake locksmiths who won't just charge absurd costs, yet who will likewise not even carry out the occupation effectively!

An exceptionally decent lady came into our shop today, here in Bristol, with a bill she got from a sub contracted fraud locksmith. He charged her for an administration call, $30 to rekey a deadbolt, and $25 in labor. She was befuddled and bombshell, as was I. In my book, rekeying the deadbolt IS the work! Why was she charged twice? She needed to have it rekeyed once again on the grounds that she didn't believe the man who went to her home. When we took the chamber out to rekey it, it was pounded down and demolished. The man had over charged her and demolished her lock! What an evildoer.